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Preserving the Livestreams that Got Us Through the Pandemic

Knowing that I will be getting my first jab of the vaccine in the upcoming week, I optimistically look forward to the world returning to normal, even if it becomes a different kind of normal. As we are heading out of the COVID-19 pandemic, livestreams are dwindling in numbers, and some musicians are already back […]

Supporting Musicians

How to Support Your Favorite Musicians During COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely devastated the music industry. Major music festivals like Coachella and the Governors Ball have been canceled, and nearly $9 billion in ticket sales could be lost this year.  Musicians from across the world – from street performers to platinum artists – have all been affected by the pandemic. So, how […]

Musician Spotlight

What are NYC’s Street Performers Doing During COVID-19?

Street performing, also called busking, has been around for centuries. It can be traced back to medieval Europe when entertainers often played in public squares for tips. In modern day, street performing is common across the world.  In NYC, buskers play a critical part in the city’s culture. You can find them all across the […]

Upcoming Livestreams

Free Livestream Concerts for the Fourth of July 2020 Weekend

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown our lives into chaos. And it is not over yet. Just this week, Broadway announced that it will not resume shows until 2021. Like many others, musicians and performers cannot play in their usual venues and have been forced to move online. Here are some […]