Chris Martin of Cold Play – #TogetherAtHome

March 16, 2020 2:00 pm

Chris took requests from an audience of Instagram viewers in a livestream he called “TogetherAtHome.” In the days that followed, other artists were encouraged to do the same, creating a worldwide effort in support of GlobalCitizens and other charities.

1:50 Hymn of The Weekend (little bit of that)

3:25 A Sky Full of Stars

4:52 Trouble

6:23 Viva La Vida

6:59 Song starts

9:43 Green Eyes,

12:28 Clocks

13:54 Up and Up

17:03 If He Worked in a Hotel LOL~As Time Goes By

17:23 Yellow 19:27 Life On Mars

20:56 Him Taking off his Sweater

21:45 Us Against the World

27:25 Fly on


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